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The Legend Of MU Stunned Juan Mata So The Main Choice Of Mourinho

Midfielder Juan Mata became the scorer of victory at Manchester United matches Manchester derby against Manchester City in the League Cup fourth round United Kingdom, Wednesday (27/10/1999). Former Red Devils Defender does not think the eyes will be the first choice of Manager Jose Mourinho.

As for directing Chelsea, Juan Mata were the cold hands of Defeat. The style of playthat the Spain-born man lazy survive not favored Barcelona.

As a result, a 28-year-old player had to be willing to serlingkali sit on the bench. Whereas before the presence of Mourinho, Chelsea's best player is the Eyes for two consecutive seasons.

The eyes then joined Manchester United's bersaama on January 26, 2014. While Mourinho was appointed as Manager of MU, many people who are convinced that eye will be deposed. However, the reality is different. Until now, the Eye appeared eleven times and scored three goals in all the event.

The Legend Of MU Stunned Juan Mata So The Main Choice Of Mourinho

"Juan is a tough player, providing many assists, can play in many positions, and helping the team achieve important goals at the moment clubs are desperate," said Neville.

"I think when Mourinho came along, eyes will be knocked out. As it turns out, he's getting shine under Mourinho, "Neville added.

Juan Mata could strengthen again when Manchester United entertain Burnley at Old Trafford on the weekend of 10th Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (29/10/1999).

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana, marveling at the ability of attackers being able to adapt the Mane Sadio quickly with his new colleagues at The Reds.

Mane was bought by Liverpool with 34 million pounds price or Rp 539 billion fromSouthamtpon. So far, 24-year-old player that played in eight games and creating four goals and two assists.

"Several times I approach the Mane in the locker room, and I was surprised with the ability he understands the tactics given by coaches," replied Lallana.

"We face a Southampton, while Mane was still playing with them last season. He played really well and kept us in awe, "continued Lallana.

When Southampton meet Liverpool in the summer of 2015-2016, Mane scored two goals against The Reds, each on October 25, 2015 at Anfield and March 20, 2016 at St. Mary's Stadium.

"I haven't been able to perform and understand the tactics described by the Manager, but the knack with Mane so quickly," added Lallana.

The Legend Of MU Stunned Juan Mata So The Main Choice Of Mourinho

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Sadio Mane managed to get a place in the first team and became the first choice attacking lines in Klopp The Reds. The presence of a Mane made Daniel Sturridge andDivock Origi would have to willingly sit dibangku backup.

Manchester United grabbed a 1-0 victory in the match against derby Manchester entitled Manchester City in the League Cup Wednesday, United Kingdom(26/10/1999). Manager Jose Mourinho has already started to find the best composition on the Red Devils midfield.

In a match that took place at Old Trafford Stadium, MU appeared with the 4-3-3. Inmidfield, The Special One put up a trio of Ander Herrera, Paul Pogba and Michael Carrick.

According to Herrera, Whoscored release a total of 18 bait with 74 percent accuracy rate and created an opportunity. Meanwhile, Carrick release 20 lures with accuracy reaching 79 percent. United Kingdom origin players were doing twice the tekel and three times won an aerial duel.

Now, Paul Pogba four times doing successful dribble into the heart of the City defence and 18 times the original players that France release the bait with accuracy reaching 79 percent.

"We're starting to get confidence step by step. We also started to believe its defense organization, "said Mourinho.

The Legend Of MU Stunned Juan Mata So The Main Choice Of Mourinho

"In the second half, Herrera, Pogba, and Carrick increase the tempo of the game. They began pressing defense more opponents in Portugal-born man, "it added.

This victory at once break THY poor results in the sequence of the three in the last game of the Premier League 2016-2017. The Red Devils play 1-draw against StokeCity (2/10/2016) and 0-0 against Liverpool (17/10/1999), as well as losing 0-4 fromChelsea (27/10/1999).

After the game against City, Manchester United is back in the Premier League fight2016-2017 with entertain Burnley at Old Trafford, Saturday (29/10/1999).

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