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Prediksi Manchester City Vs Swansea City: Superior The Citizens

Manchester City will entertain Swansea City in the 24th week matches Premier League at Etihad Stadium, Sunday (5/2/2017). The match was later predicted to belong to the home team because armed with ' slick when it met the opponent.

In nine clashes of the last cons of Swansea City, Manchester City have never even suffered defeat. Josep Guardiola's squad was able to grab the recorded seven wins and two draw.

Manchester City have already returned to the level of the best games, after being able to win in the last two games in all competitions. It is believed to have raised themorale of Sergio Aguero and coauthors, who previously had terpukuk since grabbing a few minor results.

In matches later Josep Guardiola also is believed to be his best strength decreases.Currently, recorded only a Vincent Kompany and Ilkay Gundogan are still struggling with injury.

Prediksi Manchester City Vs Swansea City: Superior The Citizens

Although set in ' slick, Josep Guardiola does not want crumb thinks his opponent. The former Barcelona Manager admitted if Swansea City have players that could be troublesome Manchester City.

"Swansea play very organized. There is no distance among the players they are. When you do attack, they were able to survive very well. They also implemented the long-ball tactics to the attackers, "said Guardiola.

"Swansea have the players berkulitas to perform counteroffensive. It will be a very difficult game. I think one of the game's very difficult on the rest of this season is the match later, "said Guardiola.

On the other hand, Swansea City also being in the best mentality for being able towin in the last two games in the Premier League. Positive results included when theybend Liverpool 3-2 at Anfield Stadium (21/01/2017).

Swansea City were also forecast to be lower power was the best in the game later. Currently only Jefferson Moreno residing in a maintenance room.

Swansea City Manager, Paul Clement, aware his team not seeded if for victory in the match later. Even so, the manager stated if his team have been training to reap thepositive results.

' Guardiola has a different approach in every game. He was always conscious with the tactics of his opponent. He's a great Manager and very innovative. I have no doubt he'll be a success at Manchester City, "said Clement.

"The three players ahead of Manchester City are very good in transition. Later actionwill run hard. However, we will seek maximum because we strive to develop quality games all the time, "said Clement.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, reluctantly, looking for excuses after his team lost0-2 from Hull City at the Stadium on weekends to KCOM-24 Premier League season2016-2017, Saturday (4/2/2016).

Prediksi Manchester City Vs Swansea City: Superior The Citizens

Klopp didn't hesitate with the stated quality Liverpool failed again though victory in the Premier League during this year. However, the original manager of the Germanythat demanded the players to show the best performance in the field.

"We still have the quality, but it should be pointed out. We should not just talk about it or find an excuse. Maybe some team has to find a solution to our face, but it's not important because we made a number of chances and should have scored, "saidKlopp.

"We have to seize it in a way that is inappropriate and effort demonstrated in the field. We must demonstrate the qualities that we have with consistent. I don't want to find excuses. It's hard to think of a nice thing to say after a game like this, "Klopp continue.

Negative trend of Liverpool continues. Since January 2017, The Reds only pocketedone victory from 10 last matches when the Club beat the fourth caste United Kingdom, Plymouth Argyle, with a score of 1-0 in a fourth round replay party FA Cup on 19 January.

Liverpool occupies the fourth position of the standings while Premier League 2016-2017 with 46 points. However, The Reds are potentially condemned Manchester City who collected the same points and still has one game remaining.

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