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PEP Guardiola Guarantee Positions Sergio Aguero at Manchester City

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola, guarantee if Sergio Aguero on his team's position remains secure. According to Barcelona, The Citizens still need the services of Aguero in the front-line.

"There is no doubt a matter of quality from Sergio Aguero. I can say how I was happy with what he has done, "said Aguero.

"The big Clubs in Europe always has many attackers and has never happened in the Club also when have Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, and Edin Dzeko together. Sergio Aguero still be or one of the important players in the squad. Without him, this squad impossible could succeed, "said Guardiola.

The future of Sergio Aguero started developing in the last few days. It happened after Pep Guardiola backed up Aguero in a match against West Ham United(1/2/2017).

PEP Guardiola Guarantee Positions Sergio Aguero at Manchester City

In a 4-0 victory that, Guardiola played Gabriel Jesus on the front line. The decision ever bear fruit sweet, given the success of Jesus Gabriel scored one goal and one assist.

That situation had made Inter Milan the chance to peek at the recruit SergioAguero. The plan, Inter willing to cast a bid on the stock transfer of the summer 2017 in order proposes to Aguero.

However, such efforts will not be easy given the Sergio Aguero contract to June 30,2019 at Manchester City.

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, Julian Mesut Ozil Draxler, suggested to leave Arsenal in the transfer of the summer 2017. Draxler wished to play a team with Ozil in LesParisiens.

"There's a fellow in Germany national team I want to see play here, i.e.Mesut Ozil," said Draxler.

Further, Julian Draxler assess Ligue 1 is fascinating. Draxler was a little confused as to why Germany midfielder who played in France's top competition was.

"I can't understand why there are very few players who left the Germany Bundesliga. Padalah, the League was still very attractive for Germany players, "said Draxler.

"I chose to come here in order to have the experience of playing abroad. Do I recommend Germany player to play in the Ligue 1? Without a doubt, of course"said Draxler joined Paris Saint-Germain on December 24th, 2016 it.

However, the desire to play one team Draxler with Mesut Ozil predicted is not easy.The reason, Ozil currently still bound to a contract until 30 June 2018 at Arsenal.

PEP Guardiola Guarantee Positions Sergio Aguero at Manchester City

Manchester City a 2-1 victory over Swansea City in a follow-up weekend 24th Premier League which took place at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester Sunday (5/2/2017).

The results bring Manchester City climbed one rank to the third order of the standings while scoring 49 points. The Citizens shifting Liverpool (46 points) and Arsenal (47 points).

As for Swansea City could not depart from the 17th position with a tally of 21 points. The Swans are now just arguing one point from Hull City who occupy the relegation zone in 18th.

The face of Swansea City, Manchester City opened the first excellence through Gabriel's Jesus in the 11th minute. It was the second goal Gabriel Jesus during Manchester City's uniformed.

However, Swansea City could retaliate when the game enters the 81 minutes. Bait Luciano Narsingh Gylfi Sigurdsson perfectly resolved to change the score to 1-1.

When such an action would end goalless, Gabriel Jesus appears as the hero of the victory of Manchester City. After Lukasz Fabianski denied well-directed, ball gag backstruck Gabriel Jesus at once ensuring his team grabbed the three points through a 2-1 victory.

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