Minggu, 27 November 2016

Keep first settled, Vamos Targeting the Governor's Cup Championships 2015

Even though it failed to grab the Championship title, the team's Haris Oskar performed with fierce resistance against stunning Institute scandal Perbanas filled playersexperienced players.

"I applaud the performance of coaches and players can overcome the opposing team in the finals despite in huni players experienced players, so that we can present the exciting and entertaining matches. We also just lost to thin in the final match yesterday, "added student of communication studies.

"The next Target for the team will not be up here, I hope we can achieve a much better achievements again and expressed her best wishes for a harmonious team atmosphere and sense of family team should be maintained because it is the most important of any kind," pungkas Nawfal.

We pray for hope University team Padjadajran team team could inspire campus Indonesia achievers in national and international scene.

"Our Target remains the champion because we play dikandang. Yesterday at the Gato does not optimally because of exhaustion in the merdeka cup turnament finish so that less children break ". said Dartheritage Reza to Futsal team Zone.

Keep first settled, Vamos Targeting the Governor's Cup Championships 2015

The seriousness of the Syahidansyah Lubis dkk will continue to fix every various line."The preparation of Vamos itself in the near future we are to fix the problems of the offense to be more varied in the invasion". Advanced

When asked during the preparation conditions, it appears that there are very few constraints in the team. According to the captain, "maybe there's a little bit of adaptation, because later on there were a few new players that trial in the Governor's Cup while Vamos".

One of the players that are going to Trial in the Governor's Cup at Vamos NTB lateris M Faidasa Subhan is East Kutai Antam officials when appearing in the titles of Gato Sepatu Futsal Championship in Bandung
a few days ago.

However, the team that has the characteristic animals of Komodo it must strive to appear maximized on the enclosure itself because, almost all participants who descended on the Governor's Cup 2015 this is team NTB team with qualified quality.

"Talking up the champion may be all the team had a great chance of the same champion, depending on how the effort and hard work of aja as possible". pungkas, Reza.

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Keep first settled, Vamos Targeting the Governor's Cup Championships 2015

Towards a national sports week XIX in West Java 2016 later, looking at sport relatedDivision futsal team 32 participants from various Provinces will go into eight groupsof four teams. Qualifying on the group will be divided in two phases.

Participants are eligible to qualify toward 16-that is, each each group came out as the Group winner and followed by the runner-up.

After that, teams of participants will return for the 10 slots left to penetrate into the next stage up to 12 teams.

the 10 teams selected later, will join together 2 teams qualify automatically, the holder of the gold medal at the XVIII POUND Riau 2012 POUNDS ago, West Sumatra and the host, POUND Jabar.

UiTM International Sport Fiesta 2015 are rolling in Shah Alam, Selangor Malaysia officially ended some time ago. The team had to go home to the Padjadjaran University Indonesia with its status as a runner after the final scandal Perbanas Institute of excellence had to admit with a thin score 2-1.

The team from Bandung is not the first time failed to achieve maximum results, by 2014 they should also receive the same results satisfied after losing the Final againston Tax Trisakti by a score of 4-3.

Quite intrigued with the competition which was held in Malaysia, Selangor TrywaysField team of Bandung is pegged high Target i.e. champion 1.

"From a team coach or Executive Board early targets we are looking for is the winner, because last year we just got a satisfied 2.0 ranked" Dustin said as Chairman of the SME Futsal team of Padjadjaran University.

Preparation is minimal enough to become the team's constraints in Jatinangor region that, plus new player that players must adapt to a new atmosphere.

"Our Preparation is minimal because the players who join in this UISF is new faces, so it takes quite a long adaptation," continued Nawfal.

Minggu, 20 November 2016

Rismaya Iska Semgat Face Angels Float because it uses the Shoes Specs Futsal

Venture Futsal Bandung (FKB) to escape the relegation zone Pro Futsal League (PFL)2016, will have the challenge of BJL 2000 Cosmo Semarang. This match will take place on the 5th week, which takes place on Gor, December 17, MataramSaturday(2/4). FKB BJL 2000 against Cosmo.

FKB which had slumped early in the season, now beginning to rediscover the rhythm of the game. In the last four games, they are capable of bagging ten points the results of three wins and one draw. The victories made the team the pride of the Bandung citizens managed to depart from the already degredation zones occupied since the first weekend.

Rismaya Iska Semgat Face Angels Float because it uses the Shoes Specs Futsal

Meanwhile, BJL got the runner-up status while the Western region. Their success led the team to four victories from its last five games. Even topping the standings briefly BJL at the third weekend. However BJL still must find the consistency they once onthe last match is surprisingly defeated Bie The Great by a score of 4-6.

On this match FKB will again rely on their newer rekrutan tuah IE Eco Sutrisno and Ilham Hadyan, while Scott Ilham who has also recently recruited still doubt. FKB alsoascertained would not affected Handoko Septo reinforced suspension. Meanwhile,BJL will still rely on the start Suwardy Dwi Ardy showed kegarangannya in front of the goal. On weekends to 4 then he successfully scored three goals in two games.

FKB should return the maximum play like two weeks in advance if they want to reach for the positive. Moreover, BJL which has more complete squad will attempt to maximize any mistakes made the squad's Ayi m. Yusup. The match predicted it will runalot and the winner will be determined by who is more patient and careful take advantage of opportunities.

Iska Rismaya, senior players Wijaya Sentosa Tangerang claims to be ready to compete in the Women's Futsal League Blend (WBFL) 2016. According to Iska, his team was more prepared than last year.

"If the League year yesterday we really still new to join the pro League so that preparation is still lacking. If this year God willing our preparation is ripe, "pungkasnya.

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Rismaya Iska Semgat Face Angels Float because it uses the Shoes Specs Futsal

In his first game against the Angels on Saturday in Lampung tomorrow (2/4), the woman's birth Jakarta admitted to not feel nervous because it never had a big game in the pro league last year.

However, players that Budi Luhur University graduates do not take lightly a candidate his opponent. According to him, the Angels were the team that Lampung is nice, they maximize the player's original origin of Lampung reinforced with well-capable players from outside the Lampung.

To better prepare his team in the first week WBFL located in GOR December 17, Mataram, the players kept the conditions, given the weather that very pronounced between the location of origin of the regions games with players. In addition, Wijaya Sentosa have also been conducting field trials and exercises.

In its inaugural match Iska hope tomorrow can be given a victory and was able to make it to its full potential. He wanted his team can reach the target that is qualified for the final four next May.