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Chelsea Target Sergio Aguero as substitute Diego Costa

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola began counting his team finish in opportunities to question the position of Premier League big four 2016-2017. PEP Guardiola argued Manchester City could have been absent from the stage of the Champions League in the next season.

This situation can happen if Manchester City had been unable to improve the appearance. "It is possible that next season we didn't qualify for the Champions League. Because, we now cannot be in the Champions League, "said Guardiola, as released, Sky Sports Saturday (4/2/2017).

Comment Pep Guardiola well-grounded if see Manchester City appearance. Manchester City are currently in 5th position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017. Sergio Aguero dkk collected 46 points or equal with Liverpool collection, which is ranked fourth.

Manchester City can get past Liverpool, even being in the zone of the big three, if able to beat Swansea City in the 24th week matches that took place at the Etihad Stadium, Sunday (5/2/2017). Guardiola is still harboring hopes of recalling the 2016-2017 season still leaves 14 remaining matches, which means there are still 42 points that can be earned.

Chelsea Target Sergio Aguero as substitute Diego Costa

"We still have to see what happens at the end of the season. Let's fight to the end and let me to try to help struggling, "said the Manager of the Spain film it.

This season, Manchester City still play in the Champions League. The fleet of Pep Guardiola will be challenging AS Monaco in the knock-out phase.

Views went sour look at Stamford Bridge is over serve 1-3 Arsenal from Chelsea in the 24th week matches Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (4/2/2017). A supporters insisted Arsenal Arsene Wenger backed down from his position as Manager of the Club.

Urging a retreat for Wenger looks on 85 minutes after Cesc Fabregas breaking intothe Arsenal NET, escorted by Petr Cech. A supporters raised a red poster reading ' Enough is Enough. Time to Go ' which, if translated meaning ' suffice it already (at Arsenal). It's time to go '.

In addition, urging Wenger to let Alex Oxlade-voiced stepped down Chamberlain. United Kingdom it was thunderous booms like the one between the Twitter accounton behalf of ArsenalFanTV. In the booms there is sentence Wenger Needs To Go!!!.

However, Chamberlain could not recognize him. Chamberlain quibble accidentally pressing the ' like ' for the booms.

The disappointment of Arsenal supporters indeed well-grounded. Because of suchminor results, become the second experienced Arsenal consecutively in the last week. Earlier, Olivier Giroud dkk yield 1-2 from Watford (31/1/2017).

The defeat makes Arsenal failed to approach the Chelsea because stuck in third position with a value of 47. In fact, the origin of the North London Club could go down to the four positions if Manchester City were able to beat Swansea City in a match that will be played at Etihad Stadium, Sunday (5/2/2017).

Chelsea target Sergio Aguero on stock transfer players summer 2017. Like a Mirror,released Saturday (4/2/2017), steps such as Chelsea anticipation if Diego Costa moved to China.

Chelsea Target Sergio Aguero as substitute Diego Costa

The last few weeks, the future Diego Costa in Chelsea starting a mystery after the interest of clubs origin of the China Super League. The tantalizing bid had made DiegoCosta confused.

The attitude of Diego Costa made the Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte finally snarled hostile with the player. In fact, Conte had Spain midfielder was suspended from the squad for Chelsea.

Such situations make Conte worry. Italy-born managers began searching for a substitute Diego Costa if the player decided to leave at the end of the season.

There are several candidates, but the most hunted Conte is Sergio Aguero. He is regarded as an ideal substitute Diego Costa in the front-line. Let alone the future of Argentina midfielder was starting to become a question mark after the presence of Gabriel Jesus.

The last game at Manchester City, Aguero had to start the action from the bench because Manager Pep Guardiola preferring Gabriel Jesus. Set against that, Chelsea got a potentiality hook Sergio Aguero in order for the loss of Diego Costa is not too influential.

However, Chelsea was not alone in the hunt for Sergio Aguero. Inter Milan and RealMadrid have similar interests against the figure who's been collecting 154 touchdowns along with Manchester City.

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