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Recovering from injuries, Shaw is ready to Go Mourinho's heart

Moment of familiarity with Jose Mourinho Pep Guardiola occurred on United Kingdom League Cup game between Manchester United against Manchester City at Old Trafford Stadium, Wednesday (27/10/2016) local time. Before the match takes placeboth looked at each other and laughed with sapa.

This is interesting because the relationship between the Manchester United manager's with the Champions often spiced the competition. The second speaker of the tactics seemed to forget for a moment the series between them.

After the match ended 1-0 to Manchester United, The Special One, Jose Mourinho, with the nickname smiles kindly invite Champions be shaken. Despite the defeat, coach of Manchester City remains warm welcome call Mou to be shaken.

The previous series between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola began to occur when both fought in Spain's La Liga. Then Mourinho menukangi Real Madrid while Barcelona is Barcelona coach.

The Manchester United Defender, Luke Shaw, has recovered from a thigh injury. United Kingdom-born Player was determined to reclaim its position in the main squad for the Red Devils.

Recovering from injuries, Shaw is ready to Go Mourinho's heart

Luke Shaw suffered a thigh injury key and absent defending Manchester United over the next few weeks. Shaw also strengthen THY time lost to Chelsea 0-4 weeks (27/10/1999).

Luke Shaw back appeared to defend the action on the fourth round THY League Cup against Manchester United Kingdom City (26/10/1999). 21-year-old player was a success drove the Red Devils a 1-0 victory.

"It is natural it feels if you feel frustrated on Sunday. That's because I very like to play against Chelsea. But, all of that is the decision of the Manager, "said Mourinho.

"Of course with cederanya Eric Bailly, it's time I step forward and show the managerwhat I'm capable of doing. Hopefully she can believe in me, "he added.

Whoscored alerts you, Luke Shaw did two successful tekel and four times won the duel in the air at the match against Manchester City. He let go of the 18 bait with accuracy rate reaching 80 percent.

"I feel my appearance padsa better the second half. I am getting close to the best performance. I hope to be playing in full for a match later Saturday, "said Shaw.

After party against City, Manchester United's tenth Premier League match live 2016-2017 with entertain Burnley at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (29/10/1999).

Recovering from injuries, Shaw is ready to Go Mourinho's heart

Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, Liverpool, wanted to reclaim the post of goalkeeper who currently held Loris Karius.

"I am happy when given the chance to play. I don't like to be second choice and is determined to show the capabilities in order to seize the position of goalkeeper, "said Mignolet.

"I never gave up to pursue a position in the team. I have the unyielding character and felt that at this time, I do not deserve to be on the bench, "he continued.

Liverpool began to lose his place as goalkeeper since the arrival of the Karius fromMainz 05 on July 1, 2016. Mignolet recently appeared in seven matches The Reds in various event.

However, that opportunity was earned because of an injury in early Karius this season. Since recovering, Karius Mignolet more into the bench warmers.

"I feel young enough to play every weekend. I will try and never give up for the sake of being a goalkeeper. Hopefully, the trainer can assess the performance of goalkeeper games shown on the field, "said Mignolet.

Mignolet joined Liverpool from Sunderland on July 1, 2013. Player birth March 6, 1988 was a total performing 155 182 times and conceded goals. He also recorded 49 times keep The Reds goal was not conceded.

Signs of Bastian Schweinsteiger already not needed Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, is increasingly becoming a reality. Schweinsteiger is not included in the official team photo, released Thursday (27/10/1999).

Manchester United's only major squads filled 26 players, including three goalkeepers at the moment taking photos from the Daily Mail, conducted September 2016. Phil Jones, Morgan Schneiderlin Johnstones, and Sam who rarely plays there's even in that photo shoot session.

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Recovering from injuries, Shaw is ready to Go Mourinho's heart

However, Schweinsteiger is still listed as a major player The Red Devils in the Club's official website. Former captain of the national team of Germany was stated to use a back number 31.

The future of Schweinsteiger together Manchester United started erratically since the arrival of Mourinho, 1 last July. The Special One not considering Schweinsteiger into the team's plans in the summer of 2016-2017.

Bayern Munich's Academy of education of the players are welcome looking for a new Club in 2016 summer transfer. However, Schweinsteiger does not get new clubs because of the magnitude of the salary at Manchester United.

The failure of Schweinsteiger's move had an impact on his role at the Club are on the wane. Schweinsteiger is not included in the squads of teams in the Europa League.32-year-old player was reportedly even just practicing alone on a managerial Mourinho era.

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