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Ibrahimovic Was Judged No Longer A World Class Striker

Data providers, Opta sports statistics, released the list of terlamban football playerwho plays in the Premier League, 2016-2017. The player with the speed of the terpelan version of the Opta is the Scottish midfielder who currently plays for Stoke City,Charlie Adam.

30 year old midfielder has an average speed of 26.72 km/h. Charlie Adam linked 8.59 speed km/h of the fastest Premier League footballer, Shane Long which has a power rate 35.31 kilometers/hour.

From the release of the terlamban Premier League players 2016-2017 the name Chelsea midfielder, Cesc Fabregas, on the third stage. Original attack Spain Manager that his only 28.73 kilometers/hour.

While in the second there are Stoke striker, Peter Crouch, with the average rate of 28.58 kilometers/hour. Players with a height of 201 centimeters it is indeed rarely usespeed in scoring, Crouch is more reliable in the sphere of air.

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Ibrahimovic Was Judged No Longer A World Class Striker

The following 10 Premier League players terlamban in 2016-2017.

Manager Jose Mourinho is sending an important message to the supporters of Manchester United after a 1-0 victory against Manchester City, Wednesday(27/10/1999). What is the message?

Jose Mourinho get a volley of criticism in cyberspace after THY uprooted by a score of 0-4 while bertadang to the headquarters in Chelsea, Sunday (23/10/2016). Many consider Mourinho no longer special, referring to nickname him The Special One.

However, the Mou was successfully brought MU 1-0 victory at derby in Manchestercalled the game the fourth round League Cup, United Kingdom. The Red Devils victory goal created by Juan Mata on 54 minutes.

"Everything is easy for supporters of Manchester United when we won the treble, winning five titles for seven years. But, everything is not easy when losing 0-4, "said Mourinho.

"I feel proud as Manager of Manchester United. After suffering defeat, things that I can do is fight. We will fight and the players did it for the fans. It's so they play to play this game, "he added.

Before the victory against City, MU failed to victory from the last three games in thePremier League, 2016-2017, with the details twice and drew once and lost.

"This is not the Champions League final. It's just the League Cup round of 16 United Kingdom. It was the match against City. After the major defeat, this victory is very important for us, "said Mourinho.

After the game against City, Manchester United is back in the Premier League fight2016-2017 with entertain Burnley at Old Trafford, Saturday (29/10/1999).

Ibrahimovic Was Judged No Longer A World Class Striker

Manchester United bomber, Zlatan Ibrahimovicalready absent scored for seven matches. Arsenal legend, Paul Merson, assess the players that is no longer the Sweden-born bomber of world class and ability will not be developed.

Ibrahimovic joined Manchester United from PSG on July 1, 2016. Initially, the 35-year-old player was performing a hit by creating three goals from two games early in the Premier League of MU 2016-2017.

But afterwards, the Brazilian's performance continued to decline. Former penggawaBarcelona and AC Milan last time creating goals for MU at a match against Zorya Luhansk in the Europa League (29/9/2016).

"Zlatan Ibrahimovic was once a world-class striker. However, he is now no longer. He was 35 years old and playing in the toughest League in the world. I don't see himgoing is getting better, "said Ibrahimovic.

"Jose Mourinho will continue to put up him although he had trouble. He's just a little the U.S. chances in the match against Burnley, "he added.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears full when MU magpies entitled Manchester derby against Manchester City in the League Cup fourth round United Kingdom (Wednesday26/10/1999). Despite not scoring, he's creating assists for offside MU created by Juan Mata on 54 minutes.

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