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6 behavior of Not Demure Jose Mourinho to Opponent

An unusual view of look after Chelsea vs Manchester United duel that ended 4-0 atStamford Bridge, London, Sunday (23/10/2016). Manager, Jose Mourinho, is seen whispering in the ear of the Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte before both left the field toward the locker room.

The news is then circulated calling Mourinho commented reserved celebrate Contewhich he hurt other teams. "No matter if you do celebrate it when the score was still1-0, but if you're still doing so when the score was already 4-0, you don't appreciatethe opposing team manager," said Mourinho to Conte.

During his career coached, Mou is known as a controversial Manager. Speech or actions the situation often polemic Mou with fastness, good players, coaches, and supporters.

It will be an irony if he then asked Conte to respect your opponent, but team manager Jose Mourinho has also been a controversial action. What are the behaviour andthe controversial origins of Portugal Manager greeting to rivals competing?

6 behavior of Not Demure Jose Mourinho to Opponent

1. The glaring eyes of Tito Vilanova

Ruckus antarpemain occurred in Spain Super Cup 2011 matches between Real Madrid vs Barcelona. The cause was a brutal tekel Marcelo to Cesc Fabregas. Tensi hot duel el classico was finally spread to officials of both teams.

When the commotion going on, Mourinho is like sneaking from behind the crowd.He approached Tito Vilanova which when it became an assistant coach. From the direction of the back, Mou then striking the eyes of Vilanova.

Due to the incident, the Mou was sentenced to prohibition of accompanying the team twice. In addition, he was also fined by the RFEF.

2. Greet the opposing Manager When the match has not Ended

Usually, two managers of the participating teams will be shaken when the match was over. However, the Mou does the nyeleneh while still coaching Chelsea and Aston Villa face a match in September 2014.

He is seen trying to greet the Villa Manager, Roy Keane, although the match is not yet over. At that time, Chelsea has a far superior 3-0.

"Shake after the game is completed does not have to wait until the game is over if your team has already secured the victory," said Mou.

6 behavior of Not Demure Jose Mourinho to Opponent

3. Physical Shootout with Arsene Wenger

MOU was made famous by his conflict with a number of managers. He was often issued a scathing comments and make the other managers hooked emotions.

Noted Sir Alex Ferguson, Rafael Benitez, Pep Guardiola, and Arsene Wenger is a rival for this Mou. He even once involved physical fights with Wenger.

That moment occurred when Chelsea entertain Arsenal in October 2014. The time rikishi Mou with Wenger at the edge of the field.

"You are free to push the opponent's Manager if you feel he is entering the area nasi box jogja in the field," Mou said when asked the question that action.

4. Taunt Liverpool Supporters

Chelsea face Liverpool appeared on United Kingdom League Cup final game of 2005. The Blues won with a score of 3-2 through extra time.

In the game that the referee expelled Mou because mocking Liverpool fans after a Steven Gerrard own goal doing. He put his finger in front of the lips as a gesture to Liverpool fans to be quiet.

"Telling supporters quietly accepted and is not a provocative act and burn," said Mou.

6 behavior of Not Demure Jose Mourinho to Opponent

5. Celebrate the goals in the Area of the Corner Kick

If a player scored, reasonable if managers join the rejoicing. But what does Mourinho sometimes beyond habit.

When Manchester United face Porto in the 2004 Champions League, Mourinho joined children celebrating goals scored asuhnya in the corner of the field. This Mou is repeated again when Chelsea face PSG at the same event in 2014.

"Managers cannot leave the area engineering can cancel if you want to run along the lines of the field to celebrate goals," said Ronaldo.

6. Celebrate the Entry onto the field at the Camp Nou

Mourinho coaching Inter Milan success getting rid of Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final match. In the first game when the hosts, Inter win 3-1.

When the turn was a guest, Inter lost 1-0 and qualify for the final. MOU then dissolve in the fun and do celebrate until into the middle of the field at the Camp Nou stadium.

This has sparked the indignation of Victor Valdes. Barcelona goalkeeper it join the entry into the field and the action involved rikishi with Mourinho.

"Entry into the field is allowed and worth doing if Your team defeat is a good teambut it's annoying," said Mourinho.

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