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Giggs Give Advice So That The Liverpool Premier League Champion

Arsenal threatened loss of Lucas Perez until six weeks into the future. Perez was forced to pull over for nearly two months due to injury at engkelnya.

The injury plagued Lucas Perez when Arsenal grabbed a 2-0 victory over Reading in the League Cup fourth round match of the United Kingdom at the Emirates Stadium, Wednesday (27/10/2016) local time.

Playing since the early minutes, Spain were the origin of the attackers pulled out the field at minute 72 and replaced Chris Willock. Perez complained of pain in the engkelnya after the clash with players Reading, Denzell Gravenberch.

Based on initial inspection, Lucas Perez dibekap ligament injury at engkelnya. As a result, the 28-year players predicted future absences of up to six weeks recovering.

Giggs Give Advice So That The Liverpool Premier League Champion

If it really is pulled over for six weeks, Perez will miss the match throughout November 2016. Some important action The Gunners who will miss Tottenham Hotspurs is cons Perez (6/2/2016), Paris Saint-Germain (24/11/1999), and Manchester United (19/11/1999).

Lucas Perez brought Deportivo La Coruna from Arsenal at the start of the season 2016-2017 with around 20 million euro ($ 285 billion). So far he has appeared in sevenmatches along with Arsenal and had three goals and four assists.

The legendary player and former Assistant Manager of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs, optimistic if Liverpool have a large sign to appear as the champion of the Premier League this season. However, The Reds should have striker who can create 20 goals in a season and a world class goalkeeper.

Leicester City made a big surprise by performing as a champion of the Premier League last season. The Foxes rely on striker Jamie Vardy to the elections caused goals.United Kingdom origin players last season it created 24 goals in 36 matches in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Chelsea were to Diego Costa in scoring while becoming a champion at the season 2014-2015. Spain-born players that scored 21 goals. Yaya Toure scored 20 goals while bringing Manchester City became a champion at the season of 2013-2014.

"The Club won the Premier League previously had one player who could have scored 20 goals in a season. Leicester have Jamie Vardy, Chelsea had a Diego Costa. Manchester City have Yaya Toure, though Sergio Aguero is their main striker, and MU have Robin van Persie, "said Giggs.

Liverpool this season relying on duet Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane in scoring. Mane so far has created four goals in eight Premier League matches. Now, Firmino scored three goals in six matches. On the crossbar, The Reds rely on young goalkeeper origin Germany, Loris Karius.

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Giggs Give Advice So That The Liverpool Premier League Champion

"Liverpool do not have a striker who could have scored 20 goals in a season. SadioMane and Daniel Sturridge could just make me wrong. You need players who can print many goals if it is to be champion, "Giggs dial plan.

"I think the shortage of other Liverpool is they don't have a top goalkeeper. Although, it could have been changed, the origin of man "Wales were added.

Liverpool are currently third in the standings while the Premier League 2016-2017 package with 20 points. The Reds lost goal difference from Manchester City who are on top.

Manager Jose Mourinho was expelled out of the field when Manchester United faced off against Burnley at Old Trafford Stadium in a match continued Premier League2016-2017, Saturday (29/10/1999). Assistant Manager of the Red Devils, Rui Faria, gave an explanation of the incident.

Jose Mourinho is considered excessive protested to referee Mark Clattenburg on pause moment of the first half. The Special One then get a red card and the audiencesitting on the bench in the second half.

"I don't know what happened. The most important thing is what the referee wrote in their report. I think the referees did a marvelous job. That's all I can say, "saysFaria.

"The spectators in the stadium could feel that we deploy everything. We fought until the final minute. We have to keep working and many things can still happen, "Fariaadded.

The match ended with the score goalless. Manchester United had to play with 10 men after midfielder Ander Herrera getting a second yellow card on 68 minutes.

"I think we need to give congratulations to the players. Our performance was fantastic. We dominate the course of the match and made a lot of opportunities with 11 players. However, we failed to score a goal, "dial Faria.

"Even when playing with 10 men, we still control the course of the match. Our players showed attitude, enthusiasm, and confidence is fantastic, "said Rui Faria.

Premier League alerts you, MU had a 71 percent possession and 11 opportunities from 32 experiment. Burnley only once threatened the goal of Red Devil.

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