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Cech Admitted Arsenal Hard To Win The Premier League Championship Trophy

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, professed goals scored against Arsenal in the 24thweek matches Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (4/2/2017), became one of the best in his career.

"I've scored a few goals, some beautiful goals. However, this became one of a special goal, "said Hazard to Chelsea TV.

"For a goal against Arsenal and we won the game. This goal became one of the best in my career, "said Belgium was thunderous.

In a match that took place at Stamford Bridge that, Eden Hazard scored on 53 minutes. The scoring process Hazard begins when the player receives the ball and menggiringnya from the middle of the field.

Hazard got around to outwit Francis Coquelin and Laurent Koscielny before finally breaking into goalkeeper Petr Cech. The goal became the second Chelsea when it printed after previously winning through goals Marcos Alonso at minute 13.

Cech Admitted Arsenal Hard To Win The Premier League Championship Trophy

Chelsea finally be affirmed with Cesc Fabregas goal on 85 minutes. As for the entertainment goal Arsenal scored by Olivier Giroud (90 ').

A 3-1 victory over Arsenal to make Chelsea the more solidly at the top of the standings with 59 points. The Blues winning nine digits from Tottenham Hotspur in second place.

"This points Difference is huge right now. Chelsea had to survive only on top for good. We are full of confidence, but don't want too focused to the front. We had to melakoni match for the sake of the game and get ready for the next game, "said EdenHazard.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, send a signal would take off Michael Carrick at the end of the 2016-2017 season. The plan is in line with no contract extension talks Carrick.

Michael Carrick had a contract together with Manchester United on June 30, 2017. The Manchester United management suggests there has not been any plans. In fact,some teams have already started Carrick, which is considered still have fitness above average.

On the other hand, the role of Michael Carrick started got limitation of Jose Mourinho. As a result, this season the Wallsend-born Player recently recorded 19 appearance alongside Manchester United.

That fact raises the figure of Carrick had started to replace another player. According to Mourinho, age factors into consideration in determining the future of MichaelCarrick.

Cech Admitted Arsenal Hard To Win The Premier League Championship Trophy

"Let's speak from heart to heart. I would say a lot of positive things in the person ofMichael Carrick. I cannot change the identity card of a person by changing the amount of his age. In fact the Carrick is no longer aged 30 years, "said Mourinho.

Michael Carrick started joined Manchester United in July 2006. During his 11 seasons at Old Trafford, Carrick became one of the important figures in the scoring title earned the Manchester United, the Champions League trophy and included five Premier League titles.

Arsenal goalkeeper Cech Petc, assessing the chances of Arsenal's Premier League title 2016-2017 more weight. It was set in the 1-3 defeat of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (4/2/2017).

"Mathematically, we're still a chance to grab the title. Alas, we were getting lagged far points. We have to make sure if we could win every game if it wants to open up the upcoming grabbed the Championship trophy, "said Cech.

Cech said Arsenal should not make mistakes again, especially the loss of points, if they wish to pursue the acquisition of Chelsea or Tottenham Hotspur points. The only way for Arsenal was scooped up the maximum points in the remaining matches of this season, plus hope Chelsea or any existing team above Arsenal, slip.

"Now we need to grab the victory as much as possible on every match, if we want to continue to hope reaching the Premier League trophy. So, let's see how we in the future, "stated Cech.

Cech Admitted Arsenal Hard To Win The Premier League Championship Trophy

In the game, Chelsea are capable of winning through goals scored Maros gelontoran Alonso at minute 13, Eden Hazard (53 ') and Cesc Fabregas (86 '). As for, Arsenal were able to minimize failed to pass by Olivier Giroud (90 ' + 1 ').

According to statistics Premier League, Arsenal controlled the course of action because the possession of 58.5 percent compared to 41.5 per cent belong to Chelsea. However, Mesut Ozil dkk lost when talking about the odds of scoring.

Arsenal recorded only got five chances cleanly from a total of nine experiments. Meanwhile, of the 13 occasions obtained Chelsea, six of which leads to the goal.

This defeat makes Arsenal are in third place with 47 points, linked to 12 digits of strongly that Chelsea are at the top.

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