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8 interesting facts Over Arsenal to Champions Sunderland

Arsenal won 4-1 victory over Sunderland in the 10th match of the weekend Premier League at the Stadium of Light, Saturday (29/10/1999). Those results make The Gunners now entrenched at the top of the standings.

Visit to the headquarters of Sunderland, Arsenal appeared confident. Based on statistics at the official site of the Premier League, Matchday Cannon London records 65.8 percent possession against the 34.2 percent belong to The Black Cats.

In addition, Arsenal also releasing 21 shots where the seven that led to the goal. While Sunderland gained only one good chance of three Spurn.

Dominance, Arsenal finally lock the victory with the score 4-1. The fourth goal in The Gunners scored Alexis Sanchez (19 ', 78 ') and Olivier Giroud (71 ', 76 '). Meanwhile, the single goal Sunderland created Jermain Defoe on behalf of white dots on 65minutes.

8 interesting facts Over Arsenal to Champions Sunderland

This victory while making Arsenal topped the standings while the Premier League with collecting 23 points. They Excel at three points from Manchester City who are in second place, but recently underwent a nine game. On the other hand, Sunderland still glued at the bottom of the standings with recently collected two points.

The following eight interesting facts over Arsenal to Champions Sunderland:

1. Alexis Sanchez scored 50 goals in 106 matches along with Arsenal. Sanchez equals 50 goals courtesy of Thierry Henry's when undergoing 104 matches.

2. Sanchez also was named man of the match in this match. Chile national team striker was let go three shots where two fruitful 54 goals, touch, 34 times the sprint, and ran as far as 9.09 km.

3. Olivier Giroud has now chalked up seven goals in seven meetings against Sunderland in all competitions.

4. Giroud also only took one touch to score a goal against Sunderland on 71 minutes and 76 '.

5. From December 2011, Sunderland have collected 20 goals from penalty execution in the Premier League.

6. Sunderland only elections caused two points from 10 games in the Premier League this season. They are at once equal the worst record of Manchester City in the Premier League season 1995-1996.

7. Jermain Defoe scored his first goal against Arsenal in the Premier League since November 2004. In addition, the goal of the white point of Defoe was the only shot on target in the match Sunderland.

8. Alexis Sanchez has always been involved in nine goals in eight matches for Arsenal in the last Premier League 2016-2017 (6 touchdowns; 3 assists).

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8 interesting facts Over Arsenal to Champions Sunderland

Arsenal quotes 4-1 away while on a trip to Sunderland, Stadium of Light, in the advanced game Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (29/10/1999). Responding to this victory, Manager Arsene Wenger was relieved The Gunners managed to escape fromthe mental tests.

Arsenal goal through superior Alexis Sanchez in the 19th minute. However, Sunderland managed to respond through penalty Jermaine Defoe on 65 minutes.

Arsene Wenger then enter striker Olivier Giroud on 69 minutes replacing Alex Iwobion 69 minutes. As a result, Giroud scored two touchdowns on 71 minutes dsan (76'). Sanchez then scored both (78 ').

"The book is mental tests when the parity 1-1. We missed a lot of opportunities. I was feeling anxious we will lose. However, we managed to show the strength to rise up, "said Wenger.

"In the Premier League, You could have been lost when the position 1-1. We respond well. We could have panicked and gave up. However, we respond well and we deserved this victory, "he added.

This victory takes Arsenal to while being on top the standings while Premier League2016-2017 with 23 points. Sunderland are in a protruding position with two points.

"This is an important victory for us. We get six wins, a draw and one at home. A second defeat could well undermine our mental, "said Arsene Wenger.

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