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Rooney Hopes Pogba Want back to MU

The captain of Manchester United (MU), Wayne Rooney, supports his plan to recruitback midfielder Paul Pogba from Juventus. Rooney hopes Pogba was willing to return to Old Trafford to complete the work is unresolved.

The last few days, the name became famous because of the sudden Pogba materials discussed in the media. It happened not because of his achievements, but rather because rumors moving to MU.

Jose Mourinho's Club that claimed to have agreed to the value of the ransom for Pogba i.e. amounting to 100 million pound sterling or equivalent Rp 1.7 trillion. In fact,the move would Pogba was announced in a matter of days.

Pogba instead became a figure familiar to you. France midfielder was a product of the original construction of the Academy and club owners the most Premier Leaguetitles that range in 2011-2012.

Rooney Hopes Pogba Want back to MU

However, his appearance failed to provide Pogba as only having starred three times.He later decided was not signed a new contract along with MU and choose join Juventus.

"I hope he is willing to return to Manchester United and prove he is a world class player. If he's interested in playing for us, would be really nice to have him again, "said Rooney.

"I'm sure she feels there is a job that has not been resolved. It would be a great achievement for the Club if they could realize a return of Pogba, "said Rooney.

Juventus, Paul Pogba transformed into one of the world's best midfielders. Players 23 years it featured 178 times and creating 34 goals during the four seasons of The Old Lady in uniform.

The Manchester United goalkeeper, David de Gea, considers the striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as it had long played for The Red Devils.

Ibrahimovic scored on his debut for Manchester United in uniform 5-2 win over Galatasaray in Gothenburg, Saturday (30/7/2016). GOL style scissors Ibrahimovic was created when the new game runs three minutes.

After the match, several players including Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho praised Ibrahimovic. De Gea also has its own opinion on a matter that Sweden midfielder.

"Very enjoyable Ibrahimovic look here and also trained with him. You know he's a great player, has a great posture, and very high quality. He is clearly a top striker, "saidDe Gea.

Rooney Hopes Pogba Want back to MU

"I think he will easily blend with us. As you can see, he's like have long since played for Manchester United, "continued De Gea.

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Ibrahimovic is likely to be a show of teeth for the first time in public Wednesday atOld Trafford (3/8/2016). At that moment, the Manchester United will magpies against Everton as testimonial Wayne Rooney.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, preparing to take off some of the players on the stock transfer this time. One of those players is midfielder Oscar, which rated Conte seriously in live action pramusim.

Oscar votes as a lazy player when The Blues champions Real Madrid 3-2 in a matchthat took place in Detroit, United States, on Saturday (30/7/2016). Conte said that he will talk with the Club's management after The Blues finished live tour pramusim.

Rooney Hopes Pogba Want back to MU

"Currently, there are 29 players still a Chelsea player. I will talk to the club after pramusim is finished. There will be players who go later. This is football, and I have a mission to make them as teams inside and outside the field, "explained Conte.

Earlier, Oscar's status as star players is very far from the issue of the sale. But Contehas another view after assessing his performance. One club that is preparing to accommodate Oscar is Inter Milan. The Club was acquired by Suning Group the rumored set up funds of 30 million pounds ($ 517.95 billion) to make up for the Brazil player from Chelsea.

Oscar joined Chelsea from Brazil Club Internacional on July 16, 2012. For the past four seasons, Chelsea strengthens the players aged 24 years it appeared 190 times and creating 38 goals.

One other player who is almost certain to be invited is Baba Rahman. The Ghanaianplayers rumored to soon join Schalke on loan.

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