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Conte Never Consider to Leave the world of football

Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer from two different generations. Both are former players of Manchester United and never worked together to give to the Club's achievements. However, there is a unique story about bickering the two while still at The Red Devils.

This story is submitted by Jan Aage Fjortoft, former footballer ever in Norway Premier League. Fjortoft, who now works as a football commentator, claimed to get this story from a former colleague, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Solskjaer is Norway who spent most of his career with The Red Devils as a player and coach. According to Giggs, Solskjaer ever push Ronaldo to the wall and threaten itat breakfast with the team.

Giggs got angry when Ronaldo found drinking soft drink. Origin of man Wales weregive strong warning to Ronaldo to never touch the stuff again.

This incident at least describe how the role of Giggs in the advancement of the career of Ronaldo. Giggs showed the attitude of discipline and hard work to the junior to be provision in the success.

Conte Never Consider to Leave the world of football

True enough, Cristiano Ronaldo alongside Megastar Barcelona, Lionel Messi, has now requested as the world's best footballer. FIFA Ballon d'Or three degrees (in 2008,2013, and 2014), the buktih sahihnya.

Portugal midfielder that solve a variety of record along with Real Madrid and Portugal national team. CR7 also successfully offered a variety of prestigious titles. The latest, CR7 usher Los Blancos grabbed Undecima, or Champions League title, and tookPortugal to grab a European Cup trophy 2016.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, revealed briefly considered leaving football when the entangled case setting the score or commonly known as One while still coaching in Italy.

In 2012, Conte is accused of knowing of the existence of the settings of the score when he was handling the Siena. 47-year-old man is facing a trial and was sentenced to ten months should not be involved in football. Conte and Juventus appealed against the sentence and any sentence was reduced to just four months.

"I never received allegations involved in the case of setting the score in Italy. I could have just left football and forget about it all, but I choose to fight for my fate. In Italy, a case like this would be quickly forgotten people. But no, I am not such a man as I was. Many people write bad things about me without knowing the real thing, "explained Conte.

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Conte Never Consider to Leave the world of football

Since the case arises in the year 2012, Conte is indeed becoming the spotlight because the investigation went ahead. Even before Italy appeared on the 2016 European Championship, named Conte returned called in the case.

"It's become things that are unique when FIGC national team coach pointed me intoItaly in the middle of the case. Those who give punishment to me, but they also pointed me to deal with. I could have refused the offer, but I want to be a winner. I have always worked hard to be a winner, "says Conte.

Antonio Conte requested as Manager of Chelsea. Born July 31, 1981 was signed lasted for three seasons with The Blues on April 4, 2016.

Along with Chelsea, Antonio Conte Middle participated at the International Champions Cup (ICC) 2016 in the United States. The Blues will face with AC Milan on Wednesday (3/8/2016) in Minneapolis. Then, The Londoners meets Werder Bremen on Sunday (7/8/2016) in Bremen.

The attackers Manchester United (MU), Zlatan Ibrahimovicwas reported the Daily Mail, Sunday (31/7/2016), decided to move the place of the stay at The Lowry hotelManchester Radisson Blu. The cause is because The Lowry Hotel does not have an on-site swimming pool.

Conte Never Consider to Leave the world of football

The Lowry Hotel during this time known as a favorite place to stay for the players The Red Devils, while Radisson Blu more frequently used players of Manchester City. Both of these five-star hotels are indeed became an icon for the people of Manchester.

After melakoni match against Galatasaray, trials in Sweden, Saturday (30/7/2016), Ibrahimovic brought his family to Manchester. However, because haven't gotten home, 34-year-old striker it gets a recommendation to stay at the hotel first.

However, Ibrahimovic and their families just a few hours of settling in hotel management are recommended. So aware that hotel has no on-site swimming pools, the AC Milan player ex direct packing of goods and move to the "headquarters" of the City.

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