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2-Immediately Extend Contracts in Naples

Jose Mourinho replied to the speech that leveled the wife of Rafael Benitez, Maria de Montserrat Has. The Special One mentions Benitez has already shattering Internazionale after his departure to Real Madrid.

The hosts under Jose Mourinho, Internazionale won three prestigious title success in Serie A, Coppa Italy, and UEFA Champions League in 2009-10. Not long after ensuring successful delivering Inter as the King of Europe, Mourinho away and join Real Madrid.

Its position in the Inter replaced Rafael Benitez. However, the Spain coach was having trouble at the Giuseppe Meazza. Rafa last only half the season and eventually was fired on December 23, 2010.

Benitez had wife commented that her husband always ' spruce up ' the ' messy ' atChelsea, Inter, and Madrid after the former Porto coach left behind it. Mourinho ever replied to the speech that Benitez's wife.

"His wife is a bit of confusion. Her husband came to Chelsea to replace Roberto DiMatteo and he came to Madrid replacing Carlo Ancelotti, "said Mourinho.

2-Immediately Extend Contracts in Naples

"The only clubs when her husband succeeds me is where Benitez Inter crush the best team in Europe at the moment that is just within six months. If he takes care of her husband's diet, he will not have time to talk about me, "said The Special One.

Bomber Napoli, Gonzalo Dismisses, reportedly will not leave in the summer. Argentina midfielder that claimed another step extended his contract at Napoli.

The name Gonzalo Dismisses previously associated with the plan of moving to the Premier League. Arsenal and Manchester United are touted as being one of the 27-year-old player.

However, it will not leave on Time this summer. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the Time will be extended his contract until the year 2019 in San Paolo.

In the contract, clause 2 release will decline if Napoli failed to compete in the UEFA Champions League. Currently, the price is set on the region 2-30.1 million euro (about 448 billion dollars).

Dismisses Partenopei removed by 2013. Along with the Serie A Club had already scored 51 Dismisses goals in 91 matches played.

2-Immediately Extend Contracts in Naples

Competition in the front-line AC Milan enter the new episode. The newcomer, Alexandre Pato, directly targeting positions of the starter. Meanwhile, veteran striker who has just recovered from injury, Ronaldo, still eager to bear the status as Milan goalmachine.

After waiting for about six months, Inter finally got the chance to perform with the premiere of Milan on the weekend duel against Naples (13/1). 18 year old youth werealready proclaimed himself one hundred percent ready for a show of teeth in the Italian Serie a.

"Feeling the emotions of course there are, but I am trying to remain calm. I don't feel any pressure in any form, "said Pato as reported by Reuters.

"I have to work hard and I hope to enter the field started the beginning of the match," Brazil origin imbuh bomber named complete Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva.

"On Sunday I will be playing and I would have scored," said Pato to Milan Channel."I am going to make goals. To be precise I'd scored twice. "

The Milan coach, Carlo Ancelotti, enthusiastically welcomed the presence of Pato gridiron. "He will surely contribute more for the team in the context of quality. We are not afraid to give it a great responsibility on the young man, "said Ancelotti.

Ronaldo's Ambition

If Pato became the starter, then how the fate of Ronaldo? After a long absence because of calf injury while warming up ahead of the Champions League duel against Benfica (28/11), spearhead Brazil this foreseen future difficulty restoring his best performance.

2-Immediately Extend Contracts in Naples

Moreover, before Ronnie also sparked the Milan Club officials pique by saying that he did not want handled Milan Lab. Rumors about Ronaldo's transfer from Milan plans more santer sounded following the release of the news that the former Real Madrid striker this demand by Flamengo.

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However, once again Ronaldo confirmed that he would fight for the sake of gettinga place in the main squad.

"It is true that Flamengo is interested in my proposal, but I never said or wrote about this issue," said Ronaldo to Channel4.

"My ambition is to get a major position in Milan. Milan is the team I want. Moreover, party clubs always put confidence in me. One thing that is most important at the moment is I feel in good shape and wanted to immediately return grazing, "continued the 31-year-old footballers.

See the appearance of Il Fenomeno along with Milan during the 45-minute match counter the United Arab Emirates, Tuesday (8/1), it is difficult for him to become a starter. He is far from satisfactory. Ronaldo lost to Alberto Gilardino. Crazy scored allgoals in Milan's 2-0 victory over UAE.

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