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Moratti Fired Mancini Did Not Wish

Former Italy national team coach, Cesare Prandelli (58), convinced the competitionquarter-finals season 2015-2016 has not ended despite Juventus winning three points from Napoli in the Serie A Summit.

The distance of the three points that took place after the Naples experience one defeat and two draws in the last three matches.

First, the Napoli lost to Juventus 0-1, after which they arrested 1-draw by AC Milan and Fiorentina.

After playing a goalless draw against Fiorentina, Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri feel it will be difficult to compete to win the Serie A title against Juventus.

The Old Lady sure Sarri will continue to consistently reaped positive results. Moreover, in the last 17 matches Juventus never suffered defeat.

Moratti Fired Mancini Did Not Wish

Prandelli had a different opinion of the competition board up the Serie A standings, still Him. There are many possibilities that could be experienced by Juventus and Napoli because three points is not a long distance.

"Scramble for the Scudetto is not yet over. Naples Central in good condition. They just coincidentally three points of Juventus, "said Prandelli.

Prandelli will sure is very important to be able to maintain concentration in the 11 games remaining this season.

As long as it was able to maintain the consistency of reaping positive results, it is not impossible there are changes at the top of the competition standings.

"I think the players will ask Sarri to react strongly in competing at the top the standings. They just need to work hard and see what happens in the standings, "said he.

Former Italy goalkeeper Dino Zoff, supports, Gianluigi Buffon to surpass the recordclean sheet himself in Serie a.

Buffon has not suffered from the entry for 746 minutes on the top tier competition Italian Serie a. He needs 157 minutes longer to get past Zoff, who perched on the second position of the ladder's record.

Zoff had such notes with Juventus in Serie A 1972-1973. However, the man who is now 74-year-old convinced himself will soon be ousted.

Moratti Fired Mancini Did Not Wish

"Buffon is an outstanding goalkeeper and could beat my record. Hopefully, he can keep the Juventus goal for a long time, "said Zoff.

According to Zoff, Juventus is the material factor endowments Buffon to break the record for clean sheets. In front of Buffon, coach Massimiliano Allegri fielded the usual three sturdy doorstop, namelyGiorgio Chiellini, Andrea Barzagli, and Leonardo Bonucci.

"Credit is also given for the team he deserves. Compared to Juventus I bela, they have the advantage of having already won the Scudetto consecutively and reached the final of the Champions League," said Zoff.

As for best record held by Sebastiano Rossi. He noted 929 minutes without entry along with AC Milan in the season 1993-1994.

To go beyond Zoff and Rossi, Buffon should note clean sheet again when Juventusagainst Atalanta, of the week (6/3/2016), Sassuolo, Friday (11/3/2016), and Torino, Sunday (20/3/2016).

Massimo Moratti hopes that his former club, Inter Milan, want to maintain Roberto Mancini as coach. However, he stated that the decision is in the ranks of management.

Mancini threatened dismissal over the barrage of negative outcomes experienced by Inter Since 2016, I Nerazzurri just won three of ten Serie A match. Consequently, the Inter tops the standings, fell to fifth position.

Moratti Fired Mancini Did Not Wish

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Mancini mengultimatum management has to win four of the next five Serie A party. If it fails, Mancini would lose his post.

"If Mancini would go without a ticket to the catering jogja Champions League qualification? Such a decision is not taken by me, but rather its management, "said Moratti.

"I hope, he could rebuild the Club because he has qualities," said Inter President ex.

Inter will be the second semi-final against Juventus in the Coppa Italy, Wednesday(2/3/2016), and then make it to the counter party in Palermo Serie A Sunday (6/2/2016).

Moratti sees opportunities Inter in the Coppa Italy is very small because it was lagging behind aggregate 0-3. Moreover, Juventus also experienced a positive trend.

"However, if we were able to bypass of Palermo, that is enough. We will get the space to breathe again, "said Moratti.

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